Planning Guidelines For Side Conservatories or Extensions

Dec 13, 2023 | News

When you’re thinking of building a conservatory or extension at the side of your property we always advise submitting a planning enquiry.

The planning rules for conservatories or side extensions seem reasonably straight forward however local authorities often interpret these same rules differently.

There is a guide to building a conservatory under permitted development at the side of your property on the Planning Portal

To summarize

  • On designated land, perhaps a conservation area or national park a conservatory to the side of the ‘original house’ is not permitted development and would require an application.
  • The ‘original house’ means as it was first built or stood on 1st July 1948.
  • A conservatory at the side must not have a width more than half of the width of the ‘original house’ to be classed as permitted development.
  • Side conservatories must not have a total height exceeding 4m, this is measured from ground level not the conservatory floor level, this also applies to the eaves height if the conservatory is within 2m of a boundary which should be no more than 3m.

If you would like to speak to someone from our office please request a call back on our website or send an email to

Often when we submit planning enquiries on behalf of homeowners or home improvement companies we find that local authorities view these planning guidelines differently.

Submitting planning enquiries and planning applications for your conservatory or extension is straight forward as we can handle this for you with no hassle or fuss. Please get in touch via our website or email

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